About The Blue Bird: Deirdre Quinn

I’m passionate and devoted to anything or anyone I believe in. I love to laugh. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I tell my Mother everything. I feel deeply. I love deeply. I’m incredibly intuitive. Emotional. Spiritual. Loyal to a fault. A seeker. An artist. Courageous. Creatively driven. Playing the piano, especially classical music, instantly elevates my mood. My nickname from my Dad is The Blue Bird Of Happiness. Blue for short.

I like (ok, need) things to be neat, tidy and organized. I married the man of my dreams.

I am FINALLY a Mother (after several losses).  My daughter teaches ME daily. I’m a better person as a result. I’m the youngest of three. I started working in NYC as a Wilhelmina Model at the age of 12. I believe I have a strong character, as result. I’m a risk taker. I’m honest. I’d rather curl up on the couch and watch movies than attend a raging party. I take great pride in my home. I love to decorate. I love to entertain. I’m genuinely interested & often fascinated by human behavior. I’m a great listener. I’m a problem solver. I love to dress-up. I lived in NYC for most of my adolescent & adult life but commercials, television, and feature films got this Blue Bird to migrate to Los Angeles. 

I’m a wine enthusiast. An antique lover. A collector. I‘d rather go deep, than live on the surface. I love to surprise people. I try to live my life authentically. I love renovation.  I’m analytical. I’m philosophic. I’m ridiculous. I’m a dreamer. A singer. An optimist. I’m an animal lover. I believe in the power of prayer. I love board games. I love musicals. I love karaoke. I’m silly. I can curse like a truck driver (I’m working on that). I have a “special” speaking voice for my dog. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. Fall is my favorite time of year. I’m a decorator. An entertainer. A people pleaser. A writer. A nester. A nurturer. An actress. A Mother. I’m obsessed with Starbucks green tea lattes with soy, at the moment- it’s my only vice. I believe life is filled with so much beauty, so I surround myself with it, every day…

This is a place for me to spread my wings and share what I love: Motherhood, Decorating, Renovation, Photography, Food, Entertaining, DIY projects… tending to my nest. I'll be happy as a lark if you join me for a Bird's eye view-as birds of a feather flock together.

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