And a Partridge in a “Bird” Tree…

This glamorous Peacock/Bird Tree was inspired by my love of birds, bird decor, and teal. Do you have themed Christmas trees? For this tree I had fun collecting actual peacock feathers, splashes of pink, and pops of teal.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the things YOU love. Christmas is another perfect time to express your personal style. What do you collect? What colors speak to you? Christmas doesn’t have to be about Red & Green anymore… get bold, get creative! A Mermaid tree perhaps (I’ve done this one in the past, it’s so whimsical).

Themed Christmas trees also give you a purpose while ornament shopping. A fun way to go on the hunt for your perfect style expressions. Think matching wrapping paper, too… Ho.Ho.Ho!

Tis the season…to be fabulous