Decking the Halls & Your Tables: Playfully

I just ordered my florals today, they'll adorn our dinning table, buffet & coffee/Hot-Cocoa station this Christmas. I'm straying from the familiar tablescapes I've created in the past (pictured above)...the classic rich-reds, greens and golds of the holiday season...and trying something new. That's been a theme in my life lately, the trying something new part (including this Blog).

While traditions keep me grounded in my roots, exploring different designs allows me to express how I've grown & changed over the years. I think it must be my 3 year-old-daughter's influence this Holiday. Everything is NEW to her young eyes. I find myself rediscovering the world & the true JOY's of The Christmas Season through her lens. As a result it's inspired me to create a not-so-traditional Holiday Tablescape...filled with playful elements, whimsy, and pink, lots-n-lots of PINK (my daughter's favorite color of the moment). There will be teal, the aforementioned pink, and okay... there will be SOME gold. It's either going to be delightfully glamorous or incredibly gauche...but one thing's for sure, its going to be F.U.N. Another lesson from my daughter, I suppose. So instead of stressing over all the particulars this Holiday Season, why not find ways to PLAY within the details. Happy Holiday-ing! FaLaLaLaLaaaaa-LaLaLaLa!

UPDATE: Excited to share my results...(pictured below). I'm happy to report  (and a bit relieved) that the tablescape turned out delightfully glamorous. Just the right amount of teal, pink, plum, gold and chartreuse to really make things dazzle this Holiday.  But my favorite part of this years design has to be the Reindeer Bar. I mean, who wouldn't want to join in THOSE reindeer games