Flock Together: Thanksgiving Tablescapes

The truth is, we need to come together as Americans. So let's start talking about setting our... THANKSGIVING TABLES! What? What did you think I was talking about?

If your friends and family represent both sides of the political aisle, there's no doubt some of your Thanksgiving Dinner conversations will be...(pause for affect)...AWKWARD! So let's distract them with pretty-sparkly-things, clever-place-settings, and delicious eats. Oh, and alcohol. Don't forget the alcohol. Seriously. Don't. 

We're excited to try a Tasty-Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria!


Now, here are a few easy tips for setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

1. Buy Flower Arrangements that are long-n-low so guests can easily see over them to chat. Or, buy tall ones if you think there may be a fight brewing over the Pumpkin. Pie. Pumpkin pie... clearly the only "orange" I was referring to.

2. Mix rich Autumnal Colors by placing varying napkins at each place setting.

3. Pull out the "good china" &  crystal from your wedding- ya know, the ones that are tucked away (Psst! For occasions like this.)

4. Think about incorporating raw fruit: cranberries, apples, pears, kumquats. Vegetables like, raw artichoke, as well as, pumpkins, acorns and gourds into your tablescape. Even gather up a few real leaves from the yard (nature supplies the most magnificent colors this time of year).

5. Finally, I like to leave a little something on each plate to add to the feeling of celebration. A small box of chocolates perhaps, a piece of fruit, or even a menu outlining what's to come (pictured) 

Light the candles, cue the music (personally, I like a light-jazz dancing in the background) then gather the family to give Thanks! Because at the end of the day this is what we do... as Americans. As Families. We disagree, but then hopefully we come together with grace, dignity and thankful hearts...for the greater good... hopefully. Again, juuuust talking about TurkeyDay ;) 

What are some of the things you like to incorporate into YOUR Thanksgiving tablescapes...?