Holiday Entertaining: “Say Cheese”

Holiday Entertaining is upon us, so grab your wooden cheese boards & lets cut the cheese (NO, wait...I just heard that). So grab your wooden cheese boards and lets make something cheesy...(still not great). How about...Here are my easy rules for creating the perfect HOLIDAY Cheese Tray:

Try to include a variety of cheeses: Soft, Firm, Aged, Blue, Goat, with a selection of crackers and breads.

Remember to separate knives for cutting and spreading and always add a sweet & salty element: Below I've chosen a fig-jam with some cured meats and almonds for crunch. A fruit element helps round out the tray: From apple to pear to apricot to grapes...

Remove the cheese from refrigerator one hour before serving & watch your guests delight in exploring different textures and tastes. Cheers, to Fromage!