Hang in there this Holiday Season

In our home we love to display our Holiday Cards. Such a beautiful reminder of cherished friendships, family and the passage of time. However, most store bought displays (and I've purchased a few over the years) fail to showcase the cards in an individual manner. My last purchase was a giant stocking with shallow pockets, sounds charming right? WRONG! Not only did it fill up with received Christmas cards too quickly, to the point of overflowing (*humble brag alert*) each card was overlapping the other, hiding those precious family photos we all stress about getting done-- from picking the right outfits for the Holiday Photo Card, to picking the right photographer. Picking the day. Picking the perfect location. Picking the perfect pose…oh come on kid, don't pick your nose. Matching sweaters this year? Dog in the photo? Will everyone cooperate? Will our child need a nap RIGHT before the photo-shoot is about to begin? Really. Can't I just use my dang iPhone pictures to get it done, get it ordered and get it on the freakin' cards already.... err! Sorry, that went to an unexpected awkward place. Referring to a friends situation, of course. 

Seriously, your cards, your family photos, your efforts deserve their own glorious spot. So why not get basic. Not in a "that's SO basic" uncool-slang-sorta-way, but in a Simple & Chic basic way...cause couldn't we all use a little simplification during the Holiday's? Bonus, it has function & form...so let's get started on our 3 Easy Steps:

1. Purchase Twine, Clothespins & 3m's Command Damage Free Hooks Command™ Brand- all found at a local hardware store


2. Pick an empty wall of prominence in your home (I chose our center hall wall). Then loop the twine around the hook. Here I chose a door frame to help anchor the hook & guide my twine to the next door frame-- so I didn't get too crazy about the hooks being level. But by all means, if you have the patience (and a level) ANY wall will do! 

Hook & Twine

3. Attach your Cards with Clothespins (told you it was simple) and marvel at your friends who actually got their photos done, on a card and in the mail....yep, just like me, not like that "friend" who's juuuust a bit behind this year.

Christmas Card Display: Simple & Chic

Hang in there, the Holiday's may be filled will chaos but like our Christmas Cards they're also filled (filled-out) with LOVE!